Confluence and Firefox

In recent versions of Confluence, many features such as calendars don't work in Firefox. Here is a workaround.

Living Costs in a Stockholm Suburb, part 2

Here's a follow up of my living costs, compared to the previous year. Since I live alone in a small apartment 26 mins from the central station, I don't have very high living costs (for living as a single in Stockholm). And it's actually lower compared to last year.

Minimizing Web Browser Attack Surface

Most of us use a web browser every day, and often on computers that are also used for sensitive information (e.g. banking info, passwords/keys to servers at work, etc.). So what parts of a web browser might have exploitable code execution flaws? Most think of Flash, Java and perhaps Javascript but there are many more attack vectors, such as web fonts, SVGs, HTML5 video codecs, etc.

Securing Wireshark

Wireshark can sniff and analyze network traffic and is very useful. But it is also a security risk due to the large number of protocols it supports, since some of those are bound to contain exploitable vulnerabilities. Here's how to disable unnecessary protocols and which ones you have to keep.

Living Costs in a Stockholm Suburb

For the year I've lived in my first own apartment I've tracked all of my expenses with GnuCash. I live alone in a 39 sqm apartment 25 km away from the central station, so it's possible for me to have relatively low costs (for living as a single in Stockholm).

CyanogenMod Installed!

I finally installed CyanogenMod on my phone (HTC Desire S) due to the privacy issues listed in the last post. Hopefully my phone will leak less private information to Google and Facebook. Since there doesn't seem to be any how-to for this particular phone and version, I decided to document what I did in a blog post

Scary Stuff on Android

Google clearly wants to become the God of All of Your Information. Much more than just your searches and web surfing behavior...

Apache 2.4 Upgrade on Debian

After spending an hour or so on getting my old configuration to work with the Apache 2.4 package from Debian I decided to share my experiences in a little how to. There are changes both from upstream and in the Debian packaging...

Useless messages on the Internet

As you probably already know, there's a lot of useless messages being sent on Internet. This post is a trap to help stop such messages, so don't click it!